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Exploring Sydney on Foot: Top Free & Paid Sydney Guided Walking Tours

people jumping in front of Sydney Opera House

Sydney is a city best experienced up close and personal. With its iconic landmarks, stunning nature and vibrant history, what better way to delve into its charm than by foot on a walking tour?

Before we start, here are some housekeeping rules for walking tours:

  • Tipping is appreciated: While some tours are free, tipping your guide is a great way to show appreciation for their knowledge and hard work. After all, they are volunteering their time just for you. Consider $10-$25 as standard for free tours.

  • Dress for comfort: Historic Sydney is full of cobblestones, steps and hills, so dress for exercise and wear comfortable shoes!

  • Be sun smart: The Australian sun is harsh on the skin and unforgiving. Don't take any risks, bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.

  • Book Ahead: While reservations are not mandatory for all tours, some take limited numbers. Please check and book ahead especially during peak season.

Experience Aboriginal Culture

tour guide at Barangaroo Sydney
Photo source:

Aboriginal Cultural Tours: Discover everything you need to know about Sydney Harbour with Aboriginal Cultural Tours at Barangaroo. Led by a team of Aboriginal educators, these tours offer an immersive journey into the rich native history of Warrane (Sydney Harbour) and the profound significance of the land to Australia’s Aboriginal heritage, particularly to the clans of the Eora Nation.

Spanning the expansive six-hectare headland of Barangaroo Reserve, the Aboriginal Cultural Tours encompass the 75,000 native Australian trees and shrubs that define the landscape. As the sole public space in Sydney to showcase such a diverse array of native flora, this tour is a must for gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Price: $36.30 per person | Duration: 90 mins

The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour: This leisurely stroll around The Rocks unveils the authentic history of the Aboriginal people's heritage within Sydney Harbour. Learn about their traditional land and water usage and their spiritual connection to the surrounding waterways and foreshores.

Guided by knowledgeable Aboriginal guides, you'll witness how Sydney, now a bustling metropolis, continues to integrate the Dreamtime into its modern environment and discover firsthand how contemporary Aboriginal society thrives in the heart of cosmopolitan Sydney today.

Price: $99 per person | Duration: 90 mins

Free Walking Tours

tour guide in front of wall sydney

I'm Free Walking Tours Sydney: For a captivating journey through The Rocks, Sydney's oldest neighborhood. Step back in time to the era of convict settlements, bustling markets and clandestine rum deals as your guide breathes life into Sydney's history.

Price: Free/Pay what you think it's worth | Duration: Up to 3 hours

Locl Tour Free Walking Tours Sydney: This tour offers an immersive exploration of Sydney central and The Rocks' rich history. Delve into tales of indigenous Australians, colonial struggles and the area's vibrant transformation as you uncover the layers of stories from this iconic neighborhood's past.

Price: Free/Pay what you think it's worth | Duration: Up to 3 hours

People on Bondi - Coogee Costal Walk
Bondi - Coogee Costal Walk. Photo source: Timeout Magazine

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk: Not a guided tour in the traditional sense, the Bondi to Coogee Costal Walk is a must-do for walkers and nature lovers. This scenic coastal trail invites you to embark on a self-guided adventure through some of Sydney’s most stunning coastal landscapes. Starting at Australia's most famous beach, Bondi, the trail winds through cliff-top paths, secluded coves, dramatic cliffs and panoramic lookouts until you reach Coogee. Along the way, you'll discover vibrant street art, inviting ocean pools, and plenty of spots to pause for a coffee, ice cream, a picnic or a dip in the sea.

Price: Free | Duration: 2-4 hours



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