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Coffee Lover's Guide: Top Cafes Near Sydney Central Station

Sydney, with its iconic landmarks and bustling streets, is a city that runs on more than just picturesque views. For many, the heart of the city beats with the gentle hum of coffee machines, the grinding of coffee beans and rich aromas wafting from corner coffee shops and trendy cafes.

If you find yourself near Central Station, you’re in luck. For coffee lovers, the area boasts some of the city’s finest coffee spots, all within a stone’s throw of the city’s busiest transportation hub. For the ultimate caffeine fix, discover our round-up of top cafes near Central Station in Sydney.

Coffee Trails: Your Quick Coffee Haven Right Near Central Station

avocado on toast
Photo source: Coffee Trails

If you’re rushing to catch a train or just disembarking from one, Coffee Trails—a stone’s throw away from the station—offers the perfect pitstop. The cafe has swiftly become a favourite haunt for weary travellers and daily commuters alike, offering an array of fresh pastries, cheesy toasties, tasty wraps, pies and rolls. With notes of caramel and dark chocolate, the cafe’s Black Field Blend from Stitch Coffee is sure to bring a little joy to your morning commute.

Address: Platform 5/2 Lee St, Sydney NSW 2000

Maldini's Espresso Central: Savour Every Sip and Bite

bacon and egg burger
Photo source: Maldini's Espresso Central

In the heart of Sydney, near the ever-bustling Central Station, is a spot that has swiftly claimed its fame among commuting coffee lovers – Maldini’s Espresso Central. A place where freshly brewed beans reign supreme, Maldini’s talented baristas ensure a smooth and satisfying cup every time. While coffee remains their crowning glory, one can’t help but be tempted by the cafe’s edible offerings. Their signature bacon and egg burger is a must with Black Forest streaky bacon, melted cheese and a perfectly fried egg, served in a soft milk bun.

Address: Shop 4/816 George St Railway Square Pedestrian Tunnel Haymarket, New South Wales 2000

Single O Surry Hills: A Legacy Brewed Over Time

sandwich on table and coffee
Photo source: Single O Surry Hills

Before the term ‘artisanal coffee’ became a thing, there was a modest spot on Reservoir Street pioneering a coffee revolution. Single O Surry Hills began its journey in 2003 and has been a haven for passionate coffee drinkers ever since. From their signature Reservoir blend, which has garnered a faithful following, to their ever-evolving single-origin brews, every cup ensures the perfect start to the day. But it’s not just coffee that keeps patrons coming back. The popular Surry Hills cafe features an all-day menu with dishes that showcase the finest local produce, from toasted banana bread with espresso butter to blackened corn fritters and crumbed barramundi served in a potato bun.

Address: 60-64 Reservoir St, Surry Hills, NSW

Concrete Jungle: A Nourishing Retreat in Chippendale

empty table and chairs in restaurant
Photo source: Concrete Jungle

Tucked away in Chippendale, amidst the urban sprawl of Sydney, lies Concrete Jungle. This plant-filled cafe offers the perfect oasis, with a meticulously curated all-day menu brimming with nourishing dishes, from classic smashed avocado to the more exotic jungle French toast with coconut ice cream and fresh-baked yuzu ricotta hotcakes topped with berries and maple mascarpone. The beverage menu is equally impressive, from frothy cappuccinos made with their Dark Owl Blend to black sesame lattes, iced matcha and a range of nutrient-rich smoothies.

Address: 15 Kensington Street, Chippendale, 2008

Two Skinny Pickles: A Little Window with a Lot to Offer

people serving coffee in cafe
Photo source: Broadsheet

The adage ‘good things come in small packages’ finds its perfect embodiment in Two Skinny Pickles. Boasting the title of one of Sydney’s most compact cafes, its size belies the breadth of its offerings. Operating through a hole in the wall on Elizabeth Street, this coffee shop near Central Station offers up a range of breakfast delights, from porridge with coconut milk to ham and cheese croissants and Brickfields toast bathed in peanut butter or vegemite. Meanwhile, the cafe’s flavoured kombuchas and home-brewed nitro-coffee blend provide the perfect morning start or midday pick-me-up.

Address: 302-306 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills 2010

Savouring Sydney's Caffeinated Treasures

From the cosy nooks of Single O in Surry Hills to the compact charm of Two Skinny Pickles, each of these cafes near Central Station offers something new to Sydney’s vibrant coffee scene.

As you venture out to find the perfect caffeine boost, we’d love to hear your stories. Share your experiences, snap some pics, and if you stumble upon a hidden gem, spread the word. After all, the best stories are shared over a warm cup of coffee.


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